About Us

We are a small software testing company with a combined 30 + years of experience, Teclado Technologies is ready to take up a testing project of any scale and complexity, introduce an efficient quality assurance process, and enhance your software quality management strategy.

We validate functionality, performance, usability, Web Applications & Mobile Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Database Testing compliance, and other aspects of software, balancing manual testing and test automation. Businesses from healthcare, ecommerce, banking, professional services, manufacturing, Educational institutions and other domains already enjoy the benefits brought by quality applications validated by Teclado Technologies.

We also provide testing for the following platforms: SAP. CRM . ERP. & others. With an emphasis on time-bound delivery, our quality assurance services help our clients manage the quality of their deliverable’s while keeping costs low.

We hire not only based on aptitude, but on attitude also.


  • Put client interests ahead of the company’s
  • Observe high ethical standards
  • Preserve client confidences
  • Maintain an independent perspective
  • Manage client and company resources cost-effectively


  • Maintain and constantly upgrade our expertise and skill sets in order to deliver the best of QA Services to all our clients
  • Bring innovations in QA and Testing practices to our customers
  • Build client capabilities to sustain improvement
  • Build enduring relationships based on trust


  • Be nonhierarchical and inclusive
  • Sustain a caring meritocracy
  • Develop one another through apprenticeship and mentoring
  • Uphold the obligation to dissent