With 30+ years in the SQA business, we do our best to combine our knowledge and expertise to provide you with a package of innovative QA and testing services.

Our proprietary 360° approach to service delivery allows us to achieve end-to-end process visibility along with smooth project integration. All of this is aimed at bringing you actual results to successfully move toward your business goals.

Services We Offer


Teclado Tech’s Managed Testing Services enable companies to focus on their core business while benefiting from our professional high quality QA services, testing directors and qualified testing engineers. By establishing a long-term partnership, Teclado Tech takes full responsibility of your project, whether large or small, by managing, staffing and providing a comprehensive suite of quality testing services.


Teclado Tech’s Automated Testing  Services are customized for each client’s requirements. Our frameworks execute pre-scripted tests on the application under test, simplifying much of the testing effort. These services  allow our clients to execute tests repeatedly within a day, and have clear visibility into the outcomes of each test’s results and the state of the application.


Teclado Tech’s independent software testing engagement model allows our clients to take advantage of using an outside specialist for pure play independent software testing. By providing superior QA solutions to customers and partners, as well as advancing methodologies, any engagement with Teclado Tech will grant you access to industry leading experts, methodologies and knowledge.


Teclado Tech is one of South Africa’s s independent QA and software testing company, and has provided quality testing services to large organizations and global companies. When utilizing our Test Consulting Services,  your organization can benefit by gaining valuable expertise that we have accumulated through 16 years of software testing.


The increasing complexities of wireless communication’s standards and regulations, along with rapidly developing technologies, pose a challenge to companies trying to implement these new technologies. Teclado Tech’s integrated, end-to-end wireless testing services guarantee high-quality communication, while maintaining standards and regulations.


The variety of mobile devices types, resolution, GUI and processing abilities, as well as the need to expediently take your product to market, present rigorous testing challenges. As a mobile testing company, Teclado Tech’s fully equipped mobile testing lab and mobile test automation framework ensures maximum testing coverage in minimum time.