QA Consulting

At Teclado, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our consultation services are finely tuned to align seamlessly with your project’s unique requirements. Expect nothing less than a bespoke QA strategy that propels your project towards success.

Improve QA
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The expertise of Teclado´s software QA consulting services aids in overcoming limitations within the quality assurance process and attaining elevated levels of QA maturity and effectiveness. With a history as a QA consulting provider since 2016, Teclado assists businesses in promptly assessing and enhancing their QA procedures, implementing intelligent test automation, effectively testing distinct software categories, and developing a resilient QA process from the ground up.

  • Establishing an effective quality assurance process
  • Evaluating and enhancing existing QA procedures
  • Assisting with test automation implementation and setup
  • Executing pertinent testing activities.

When to Seek a Software Consultant

Lack of QA optimization

When your QA process lacks optimization and only meets basic KPIs.

Ineffective QA process

If your QA process is ineffective, leading to significant defects reaching software serviceion, alongside budget overruns and delays in QA and testing.

Insufficient in-house QA expertise

In cases of insufficient in-house QA expertise, especially for testing unfamiliar software architectures (e.g., event-driven, service-oriented, space-based) or specific technologies (e.g., big data, IoT, AI).

Challenges in implementing test automation

When implementing test automation poses challenges due to a lack of internal proficiency.

Our team of expert software testers will carefully assess and enhance the quality of your software.

We can help you make your software more user-friendly, secure, and efficient. Our services can help you increase customer satisfaction and reduce your development costs. Get in touch with us today.