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Performance testing is a broad term that encompasses a variety of tests that are used to assess the performance of a system under different conditions. The specific types of performance tests that are performed will vary depending on the specific system being tested, but some common types of performance tests include:

Types of performance tests include

Load Testing

This type of test involves gradually increasing the load on the system, such as by increasing the number of concurrent users, to see how the system responds. Load testing can help to identify bottlenecks in the system and ensure that it can handle the expected load.

Volume Testing

This type of test involves increasing the amount of data that is processed by the system to see how it performs. Volume testing can help to identify issues such as memory leaks and performance degradation.

Spike Testing

Spike testing is a type of stress testing that evaluates software performance when workloads are substantially increased quickly and repeatedly. The workload is beyond normal expectations for short amounts of time.

Stress Testing

This type of test is designed to push the system to its limits by subjecting it to more load than it is expected to handle. Stress testing can help to identify the system’s breaking point and ensure that it can recover from failures.

Scalability Testing

This type of test is designed to see how the system performs as the load on it increases. Scalability testing can help to ensure that the system can handle increasing demand.

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing — also known as soak testing — is an evaluation of how software performs with a normal workload over an extended amount of time. The goal of endurance testing is to check for system problems such as memory leaks.

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