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Regression testing is vital to ensure that recent patches or bug fixes do not introduce new issues in the software. It verifies that changes have only positive effects and that the application still meets its requirements. Automated regression tests are preferable due to their repeatability, especially when making frequent system changes. These tests also apply to server updates or database upgrades to maintain system integrity and prevent customer disruptions.

Benefits of Regression Testing:

  • It helps to prevent bugs from being introduced into the software during the development process
  • It helps to ensure that the software continues to function as expected after changes have been made
  • It can help to identify regressions, which are bugs that were fixed in previous versions of the software but have been reintroduced in a newer version
  • It can help to improve the quality of the software
We help you save time and money by preventing bugs from slipping through the cracks

Our team of experienced testers can help you to identify and fix bugs before they cause problems for your users. We use a variety of techniques to regression test your software, including manual testing, automated testing, and data-driven testing.