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System testing is a critical phase in the software development lifecycle that ensures that the system meets the requirements of the users and stakeholders. This type of testing, categorized as black box testing, relies on high-level documents such as use cases, requirements, specifications, and business rules. The primary objective of system testing is to confirm that the system effectively serves its intended purpose from the user’s perspective.

We offer a comprehensive system testing service that includes:

  • Test planning: We create a test plan that defines the scope of the testing, the test cases, and the expected results.
  • Test environment setup: We set up a test environment that is a replica of the production environment.
  • Test execution: We execute the test cases and record the results.
  • Defect identification and reporting: We analyze the results and identify any defects.
  • Defect resolution: We work with the development team to resolve any defects.

Benefits of system testing:

  • Identifying defects early in the development process
  • Ensuring that the system meets the requirements of the users and stakeholders
  • Improving the quality of the system and reducing the risk of problems in production
  • Preparing the system for acceptance testing by the users
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