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Our automated testing solutions are designed to enhance software service quality, reduce time to market, and ultimately optimize your development workflow.

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Automated QA testing is a process that utilizes specialized tools to execute pre-defined tests on web or mobile applications in a systematic manner. These tools can run tests, generate reports, and compare results with previous tests. Automated tests can be scheduled to run at any time, with or without human supervision. The primary objective of test automation is to simplify and accelerate the testing process, enhancing software quality and reducing time to market. There are both commercial and open-source automated testing tools available, but using them typically requires some level of expertise in the tool or automated software testing.

Independent testing groups, like Teclado, often play a crucial role in creating automated tests as it demands a deep understanding of the tool. While the actual execution and monitoring of tests can be automated, creating these tests necessitates a thorough knowledge of the testing tool. Initially, implementing automated testing can be time-consuming, costly, and somewhat inefficient. However, the full return on investment becomes evident later on. Once automated testing scripts are developed, a process that requires time and expertise, they can be utilized repeatedly for an extended period. While modifications may be necessary due to changes in the tested application, well-scripted automated tests can minimize the maintenance effort.

Our Approach

Expertise and Efficiency

At Teclado, our team of skilled professionals possesses an intimate knowledge of various testing tools and techniques. We understand that the creation of automated test scripts requires a deep understanding of both the tool and your specific application. Our approach ensures that your automated tests are not only well-executed but also meticulously crafted for accuracy and effectiveness.

Benefits of Test Automation

Maximizing ROI

  • Time Savings:While implementing automated testing can initially be time-consuming, the long-term benefits are substantial. Once the tests are scripted correctly, they can be used repeatedly for years, saving valuable time in each testing cycle.
  • Cost EfficiencyWhile there may be upfront expenses associated with automation, the ongoing cost of manual testing is significantly reduced. This leads to cost savings in the long run.
  • Consistency:Automated tests provide consistent and repeatable results, minimizing the chances of human error in the testing process.

Our Services

  • Test Script Development:We specialize in crafting robust and efficient test scripts tailored to your application and testing requirements.
  • Test Execution and Monitoring:Our automated testing tools can run tests at any time, day or night, with or without human supervision, ensuring comprehensive test coverage.
  • Continuous Maintenance:We provide ongoing maintenance and updates to your automated tests to adapt to changes in your application under test.
We help you save time and money by preventing bugs from slipping through the cracks

We understand that the path to efficient test automation may seem challenging initially. However, the benefits, including improved software quality and significant time and cost savings, make it a worthwhile investment. Partner with us to harness the full potential of test automation and take your software development to the next level.