Testing as a service (Taas)

With TaaS, you’re not just outsourcing; you’re entrusting your testing journey to seasoned professionals who live and breathe quality assurance. Our experts diligently perform comprehensive testing on behalf of your esteemed organization.

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Teclado assumes full control of the testing process, spanning from test implementation to the management of the testing process and team. Teclado is accountable for the following: Formulating test strategy and plan, overseeing testing operations, devising tests and crafting test scripts, supplying automated testing tools and frameworks, carrying out tests, and delivering test reports. This service is a suitable choice for both software development and software evolution phases.

  • Formulating test strategy and plan
  • Overseeing testing operations
  • Devising tests and crafting test scripts
  • Carrying out tests, and delivering test reports

When to consider seeking Software Testing as a Service

Improving time to market

TaaS can help companies to shorten the time it takes to bring new services to market by providing access to experienced testers and testing tools.

Improving quality

TaaS can help companies to improve the quality of their services by providing access to a wider range of testing expertise and experience. This can help to identify and fix bugs early in the development process, before they cause problems for customers.

Gaining access to specialized expertise.

aaS providers often have specialized expertise in certain areas of testing, such as mobile testing, security testing, or performance testing. This can be beneficial for companies that need to test their services in these areas but do not have the in-house expertise to do so.

Freeing up internal resources.

Outsourcing testing to a third-party provider can free up internal resources that can be used for other purposes, such as development or marketing. This can be beneficial for companies that are short on resources or that need to focus on other priorities.

Our team of expert software testers will carefully assess and enhance the quality of your software.

We can help you make your software more user-friendly, secure, and efficient. Our services can help you increase customer satisfaction and reduce your development costs. Get in touch with us today.